we make

BIM tools for ‘Graphisoft Archicad’ including parametric GSM objects and addons
to assist & automate parts of your workflow.

Web-applications that can integrate with ‘Archicad’, or run independently.

Parametric Objects

Ready to use and customised Archicad objects built in GDL, to speed up your layout design.

Addons / Plugins

Plugins that run within Archicad and provide additional utility out of the parametric objects & other features to enhance Archicad’s functionality.

BIMx Extensions

Extensions for Graphisoft BIMx that can provide interactive exchange of data between BIMx and an external data store.

We have developed web-applications for automating and centralising the BOQ (Bill of Quantities) that allows for deriving a quick estimate for a construction project. It is a centralised platform for all the agencies including consultants & vendors, to develop & coordinate on a synchronised BOQ. The vendors can log in and submit their rates online and an automated comparative rates sheet is generated for the architect. The system is modular to be integrated with a BIM authoring tool such as Archicad. Contact us to know more.

Our Quantities plugin for Archicad provides an automated measurement-sheet (take-off sheet) which can be integrated with the above BOQ system.

We can provide customised solutions to you for implementing such an automated workflow based on your requirements. We keep the systems modular and scalable, so that any future requirements could be comfortably integrated into the system.

Convert your BCF file into an visual chart and map your project coordination. Publish it in PDF with your company branding.

The IFC files can be used for clash detections, for example, between MEP elements and interior/civil parts of the space. Several IFC-viewer tools have built-in systems to generate ‘issues’ based on such clashes in the model, which can be assigned to the concerned team members, who can then mark them as ‘resolved’ after solving the clash. These issues can be exchanged in BCF format.

We have developed a web-based BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) report generator which takes the input of a BCF file and generates & displays a report of all the issues, statuses & assigned members. This report can be exported as a nicely formatted PDF with company branding.

Open BIM

We follow the Open BIM guidelines and advocate the use of open formats such as IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) for better interoperability between the different BIM authoring tools. IFC format is great for exchanging BIM model & data between the various disciplines involved in the project.