we make

BIM tools for ‘Graphisoft Archicad’ including parametric GSM objects and addons
to assist & automate parts of your workflow.

Dynamic Web-applications that can integrate with ‘Archicad’, ‘Airtable’, or run independently.

We strive to keep our solutions modular and scalable, to allow for future requirements to be comfortably integrated into the system.

Parametric Objects

Ready to use and customised Archicad objects built in GDL, to speed up your layout design.

Addons / Plugins

Archicad plugins that provide additional utility out of the parametric objects & other features to enhance Archicad’s functionality.

BIMx Extensions

Extensions for Graphisoft BIMx that can provide interactive exchange of data between BIMx and an external data store.

Open BIM

We support the use of open formats such as IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) for better interoperability between the different BIM authoring tools. IFC is a great format for exchanging BIM model & data between the various disciplines involved in the project.