A custom quantity take-off tool for Archicad that provides you a comprehensive interface to fetch quantities from your model based on a range of criteria.

Export it to XLS or upload to a cloud-based system to collaborate with your client & partners.

An Archicad add-on for quick selection and filtration of elements in Archicad based on various parameters.

Navigate | Properties | Search | Group | Analytics

An IFC data viewer that runs on your web-browser.

IFC files can be used for clash detections, for example, between MEP and interior/civil entities in the model. Several IFC-viewer tools have built-in systems to generate ‘issues’ based on such clashes in the model, which can be assigned to the concerned team members, who can then mark them as ‘resolved’ after solving the clash.

These issues can be exchanged in BCF format.

The BCF report generator builds & displays a report of all the issues, statuses & assigned members, all from your BCF file. This report can be exported as a nicely formatted PDF with company branding.

Convert your BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) file into a visual chart and map your project coordination.

Publish it in PDF with your company branding.

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Archicad Objects

Visit our online store showcasing a collection of our Parametric GDL Objects for Archicad. Check out some really useful objects that you can use in your Archicad models.