XDebug 3.x configuration for PHP/Apache on a Docker container & debugging via vscode

XDebug configuration ‘xdebug 3.x‘ has some different configuration parameters than the older 2.x version. Here is the quick set of parameters required for xdebug to work with Apache running on a Docker container: Note that client_host value ‘host.docker.internal‘ may not work on linux. Another important part here is the value for ‘xdebug.discover_client_host‘ . It must […]

Installing MongoDB on cPanel / WHM / CentOS along with the PHP extension

Attempts to install MongoDB on a cPanel based CentOS VPS While trying to install MongoDB on a cPanel based CentOS server, I found the system configurations were customised by cPanel. And because of which a lot of commands were not available in bash. Also the installation of some packages was disabled in the /etc/yum.conf (e.g. […]