Quantity Take-off tool for Archicad

The newest version of the addon features a useful Formula-Editor that allows you to generate custom quantity values using object parameters & properties.

You may be using custom objects/doors/windows/light-fixtures etc. in your Archicad project and you may want to use more than one of its custom parameters, which are not available as standard properties, and perform simple arithmetic operations to derive a quantity value. The quantity tool with this new feature can help you achieve that! 

Here’s the older version showing some of the features in action. Watch how you can get basic element quantities, surface quantities and building material quantities using the tool. Check out how you can set exceptions for particular classifications.

The Quantity Take-off addon helps in fetching various types of quantities from your model.


A custom palette that sits next to your workspace in Archicad, providing you with an interface equipped with controls to fetch quantities based on a range of criteria.

Happy to show you a live demo and talk to you about quantity extraction.

: )

Get quantities of different elements in desired units in a single table

Set desired quantity-types for various element-types with exceptions

Get quantities of elements embedded in custom objects

Get either the full surface quantity or by excluding the ‘covered’ parts

Cloud Integration

The Quantity take-off tool integrates with a cloud-based quantities management system.