using git to deploy on server

Install git on the remote server (if it is not already). On Ubuntu: Create an SSH key pair (locally): Accept the default file to save the key. If a passphrase is entered, it would have to be entered every time during ‘git push‘. The following two files would be created in ~/.ssh/ (public key)id_rsa […]

byobu A text-based window manager for linux and terminal multiplexer; displays system info in the CLI, such as battery, hdd, thermal stats.

battery status on linux via CLI

acpi (battery stats – basic) acpi -i (battery stats – more info) acpi -V (battery & thermal stats) sudo tlp-stat -b (battery info) sudo tlp-stat -s (system info)

booting ubuntu in text mode

back-up grub: sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub-orig edit the following in /etc/default/grub: #GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash”GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”text”GRUB_TERMINAL=console update grub: sudo update-grub Set systemd target. The unit groups many daemons and starts services such as NetworkManager.service and activates another target unit named sudo systemctl set-default check default target: systemctl get-default The above command links to: /etc/systemd/system/ List […]

hostname dns resolve

This is a collection of some commands to diagnose the DNS resolution problems, from OSX in a local network having linux and mac machines. On linux, edit: /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf to set ‘use-ipv6’ to ‘no’, so avahi resolves the hostname to ipv4 address. Not sure if this affects the DNS resolution from a mac, but I set […]

angular on ubuntu

check nodejs installation: check npm installation: Unhandled rejection Error: EACCES: permission denied, open ‘/home/onizu/.npm/_cacache/tmp/b5bc4345’S: permission denie install git (if not installed): create workspace & app: serve app: the app should be available at: http://localhost:4200/

Some good Firefox Add ons Web Developer https…

Some good Firefox Add-ons: Web Developer Firebug Tab Groups Wired-Marker FlashGot (Download Manager Integration. Works with GetRight!) Video DownloadHelper (Integrates FlashGot download option if installed) DownloadThemAll (Has ‘Resume’ feature) Image Block (adds a button to toggle image-blocking) Very useful for quickly toggling the download of images, than […]

Changing Gnome Splash screen

Install gnome-splashscreen-manager sudo aptitude install gnome-splashscreen-manager Reach it through System > Preferences > Splash Screen ‘Install’ the new splash image and ‘activate’ it.

Artwiz – bitmap fonts package

Installing the package: Important: Create the directory /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc if it doesn’t exist. If the package is installed without this directory existing, then the package may not work. In that case ‘purge’ the package with ‘aptitude’ command and then install again. sudo aptitude install xfonts-artwiz Enabling bitmapped fonts: sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config Then retain the first two […]

Accessing a printer from a Linux system in a Windows network

System > Administration > Printing ‘Add a Printer’ Printer Type: Network Printer – Windows Printer (SMB) Don’t enter any login info when the dialog boxes prompt. Wait for all of them to appear and Cancel them all. Then select the host to which the printer is connected. Then a dialog box pops up prompting for […]