battery status on linux via CLI

acpi (battery stats – basic)

acpi -i (battery stats – more info)

acpi -V (battery & thermal stats)

sudo tlp-stat -b (battery info)

sudo tlp-stat -s (system info)

booting ubuntu in text mode

back-up grub:

sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub-orig

edit the following in /etc/default/grub:




update grub:

sudo update-grub

Set systemd target. The unit groups many daemons and starts services such as NetworkManager.service and activates another target unit named

sudo systemctl set-default

check default target:

systemctl get-default

The above command links to: /etc/systemd/system/

List all target units:

systemctl list-units --type target --all

To reset to graphical target:

sudo systemctl set-default 

hostname dns resolve

This is a collection of some commands to diagnose the DNS resolution problems, from OSX in a local network having linux and mac machines.

On linux, edit: /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf to set ‘use-ipv6’ to ‘no’, so avahi resolves the hostname to ipv4 address. Not sure if this affects the DNS resolution from a mac, but I set it to ipv4 anyway.


Restart avahi-daemon on linux:

sudo systemctl restart avahi-daemon.service

Resolve mDNS/DNS hostname to IP address and vice-versa:

avahi-resolve-host-name onizu-asus.local

Scan for mDNS/DNS-SD services published on the local network:


on OSX, run the DNS Service Discovery tool:

dns-sd -E

The domain should be listed in the output of the above command. But for me it doesn’t list anything..

A system reboot works for me. The local hostname starts resolving on the mac. Not able to figure out why it stops working after a while..

ISP blocked inbound port 80 – workaround using dynamic DNS service feature

Tried setting up dynamic DNS for a local server using no-ip , but the bloody ISP has blocked the inbound port 80 🙁

The no-ip service does have a feature to redirect port 80 though to the desired port on which the web-server is running locally.

(While trying out different options, I also discovered that the ISP had blocked 443 too.)

angular on ubuntu

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm

check nodejs installation:

nodejs -v

check npm installation:

npm -v
sudo npm install -g npm@latest
sudo npm cache verify
npm -i
sudo npm install --no-optional
sudo npm init
sudo npm install -g @angular/cli

Unhandled rejection Error: EACCES: permission denied, open ‘/home/onizu/.npm/_cacache/tmp/b5bc4345’S: permission denie

sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP ~/.npm 
sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP ~/.config

sudo chown -R root:YOUR_USERNAME /usr/local/lib/node_modules/
sudo chmod -R 775 /usr/local/lib/node_modules/

install git (if not installed):

sudo apt-get install git
git config --global ""
git config --global "your name"

create workspace & app:

ng new my-app

serve app:

cd my-app
ng serve --open

the app should be available at: http://localhost:4200/

Importance of Good Design in business

The design, the aesthetics part, of any product, affects the way the target audience perceives the business/product. It is the first impression the product creates in the viewer’s mind. In a flash the viewer relates the service rendered as great/good/mediocre/bad or any individual specific grade set in his/her mind.

There is no single way to make something that would be successful. So it all depends on the target audience. The easiest is when the designer and the target audience have the same taste. It gets difficult when one targets audience having a taste different from himself/herself.

I believe though a good design is recognised by everybody.

Art is ¿

Let us try to define it..
Art is something that intrigues the mind with the balance/harmony in its composition experienced through different sensory perceptions. Art is surely in an artists painting (sight). It is in a sculpture (sight, and touch?). It is in music (hearing). Art can also be experienced through the sense of smell – a perfume, which could be called a work of art. And, if you will, I would even call a mesmerisingly delicious dish as an art of a cook.
This is however very individual-specific.

Good art? Bad art?

For instance, rock genre in music might please some as art, but might not be enjoyed by others the same way, and some might even get disturbed/irritated by it.
Some sculpture might be regarded as high form of art by some and it could also offend some others. So to relish art is even culture-specific. Though it could be argued whether the group of people who get offended by the bold expression of some sculpture, would also be subconsciously intrigued by its artistic composition, and it is only their conscious mind that is holding them from accepting it.
A persons tastein art is developed by his lifestyle, profession, culture, personal philosophy.
The kind of art a person enjoys the most is also governed by his state of mind. A sad, gloomy state of mind would find a sad play or movie or music more soothing (and therefore enjoy it?) than something more vibrant and energetic. It could be understood that a person in depression would tend to listen to a gentle, soft music; like to watch a slow-paced movie; enjoy sitting alone by the sea and feel soothed by the natural sounds of water, breeze; things which he, in an energetic state of mind, would rather drop for something more vibrant as a dance number.

‘I am an artist, I cook’

How do we differentiate art from craft? How are they related?
the art of cooking. 
the art of writing a book (art of story-telling).
the art of leadership (or quality of leadership?)
Creating stuff may or may not be art. Making a table is a craft, but making one which is pleasing to look at, involves art.
Creating art involves skill. All art has some common characteristic. It could be said that the skills of creating a particular kind of art could be learnt. It involves learning to use the toolsto create art – like learning to use brushes, colours to paint, learning to play a piano, learning to use a chisel to sculpt – and also to learn the principles of creating appreciable art, like proportions in human body, details in human face, notes in music, human anatomy.
There is another important aspect of creating art. Apart from the skills of producing it, art must first be conceived in the mind of the artist. This may be related to the term creativity.

‘I like it, why don’t you?’

Some art is enjoyable once it is explained by the artist or when the thought behind a composition is revealed. For example, if an artist explains the significance of different shapes, colours, in his painting, the viewer would be able to relate the various parts of the composition in his mind and be in a better position to appreciate the painting as an art-form.
The intellect of a person also adds on to his ability to relish art. An arts student might be, in many cases, in a better position to appreciate an abstract painting than a layman. A child definitely would not be very happy with a monochromatic abstract painting than he might be with a colourful picture depicting some cheerful event of life that he could relate to.. But the same child could grow up into being an artist himself!
This can explain that some art is made for a specific audience. Some art would rather appeal to all kinds of audience..
It could be observed that some people would be more influenced by art (all sorts of it) than others. And though this is again influenced by their lifestyle, their upbringing, it could (arguably) also be an intrinsic trait. Also, the people involved in the field of arts (the artists, the patrons) usually are able to appreciate other forms of art better. It could either be their natural tendency to see art in things around themor their knowledge in arts.

‘ohhh this is art-istic!’

Every art has some characteristics that make it art. It has the power to grab the attention of the people and engage their minds. It can create strong, subtle, cheerful, aggressive or calm feelings in the person. And this power is induced in the art form with careful and thoughtful composition of the elements in it – notes in music, colours and shapes in a painting, harmonic moves in dance, proportions & scale & texture in a sculpture. The degree of this power varies in art forms, from being subdued, gentle, which the viewers relax with – to extremely strong, thought provoking, that would make the viewer restless, uncomfortable, and yet engage him.
So art is really very relative. What art is, may as well be a matter of personal choice. It will always be as undefinable and explorable as the human mind is.

– Dushyant Basson

Furniture for a studio

Work-tables designed in sketchup: