Chinese influence on Japan

Reading about history of Japanese landscape architecture.

I wonder what Japan would have been like if it weren’t so influenced by China since the ancient times. Of course it wouldn’t have been so for long anyway (the influence – is inevitable). But perhaps if it had survived the ancient and medieval period without being influenced by China, Japan would have in turn influenced China.

I would have liked to see Japan retain more of their austerity and simplicity in their art-forms and traditions and lifestyle, and not being at all influenced by the visually rich and complex of the foreign land.

But this wouldn’t have remained so for long. Now we see it being influenced so much more by the USA as it didn’t by China since time immemorial.

That said, I am not disappointed. Whatever was adopted, they improvised upon it in their own way. You shall always keep fascinating and amazing me Japan.


illness –
body is deteriorating .. and then I feel more closely the beingness of something more than my organic body that identifies me as an individual.


I’m not sure if I’ll ever crack the mystery of origin of life in my lifetime, or even ever after that …
but I like to believe

“Bin Kartaar na kirtam maano. aadh ajon ajai abinaasi teh parmeshar jaano.”

‘Do not accept anyone else except God as the Creator of the universe; He, the Unborn, Unconquerable and Immortal, was in the beginning, consider Him as Supreme Ishwara.’


“If the God so wills, He may keep man alive without breath.”

(Gauri Sukhmani M. 5)