Gmail HTML version

The most annoying part of the otherwise slick HTML version of gmail is that while in the spam mail view, you cannot select all the messages with a single click (as you can in the standard – javascript driven – gmail view). This is the only part for which I have to everytime switch back to the standard version, even for a while so I can clear all the spam; not for the built-in ‘chat’..

(Also the link ‘Delete all spam messages now’ is absent in the HTML version, which would have been another simple useful link.)

I’ve suggested this to google/gmail. Lets see how long it takes, or if it happens before I won’t anymore need to use the HTML version. 🙂

update (18-06-11):
Another limitation of the HTML version of gmail that I discovered today – I was trying to add a new contact while in HTML view, and couldn’t find any button/link to do that! * sigh *

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